Feel the freedom

Lift off into a new time, over everything, above the routine.
Leave everything behind and enjoy lightness.
View the mountains from an eagles perspective.
Feel fascination, enjoy boundless freedom.

Does one need a special occasion?
Is life not occasion enough? Treat yourself to something special.
Moments that take flight,revigorate and show us all
how small we are compared to this vast unbelievable world.

A dynamic and serious helicopter company.
We will be delighted to coordinate your reservation.

The flight offers
and the target prices

20 Minute Round flight.
Landing directly at the hotel.

2 Persons € 650 per Person
4 Persons € 325 per Person

Annotation: The flight prices is calculated by flight minutes. Annotation: The arrival and departure to the hotel from Zell am See for the helicopter is included in the price.
We are able to reccomend individual flight time enhancements and will reserve those for you!


Inquire now!

PS:… Sought and found?. You have booked a flight for 2 persons and welcome another pair of passangers on board?
Please let us know and we will look for such opportunities and connect you!

exklusive Helikopter mit Vip Ausstattung

Helikopterflug während des Winterurlaubs in den Bergen


Helikopter Rundflug über das Steinerne Meer
exklusiver Helikopter Rundflug mit Vip Ausstattung

SENNAIR Helicopter
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