Water world

Life elixir water

Origin. Of life: water. Because water heals. Dissolves and rinses.
Our mountains reveal true treasures. Springs, streams, rivers & lakes. In abundance.
And we pass on these treasures. To you. Immerse yourself.
Into the river. Of life. In pleasantly warm temperatures. On the outside. And inside.

Swimming lake at DAS.GOLDBERG

Naturbadeteich mit Sandstrand

Sandy beach at DAS.GOLDBERG

Infinity Pool mit Weitblick
Infinity pool at DAS.GOLDBERG Designhotel Salzburg


Dream.location. Boundless.
The infinity pool.
High above all things.
And so close to heaven.
Open air swimming. All year round.

With a length of 15 meters and a pleasantly warm 32 to 34˚ C, you can swim your laps outdoors at any time of year. And enjoy the magnificent view over the valley… in summer and winter alike.
From 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. And even until midnight on Tuesdays.

Refreshing and invigorating… Our natural bathing pond has a length of 25 meters and is characterized in particular by its drinking water quality.
In the summer months until late fall, our pond is heated with energy from geothermal energy and thus guarantees bathing pleasure from 22 degrees!

Floating in the open air. The whirlpool is located in our sauna garden. At a pleasantly warm 35 degrees.

Treading water. Get the circulation and blood flow going. Especially before or after an active day. In the mountains. Or after hot sauna sessions. Get the metabolism going again. And strengthen the veins.

And this is how it works: Glide step by step through the mountain stream. Until a slight feeling of pain (“nailing”) occurs. Pull your feet completely out of the water and bend your toes slightly downwards. Wipe the water off your legs with both hands. So that you can enjoy the feeling of warmth afterwards.