Elixir of Life


Wellspring. Of life: water. Water heals. It dissolves and cleanses.
Our mountains conceal true treasures. Springs, streams, rivers & lakes in abundance.
And we gladly share these treasures. With you. Immerse yourself.
In the flow. Of life itself.

Badesee im DAS.GOLDBERG Designhotel Salzburg

Naturbadeteich mit Sandstrand

Sandstrand im DAS.GOLDBERG Designhotel Salzburg

Infinity Pool mit Weitblick
Infinity Pool im DAS.GOLDBERG Designhotel Salzburg

Magic.Location. Boundless.
The infinity pool.
High above all things.
And so close to heaven.
Swim in the open air. Year round

With a length of 15 meters and soothingly warm temperatures between 32 and 34˚ C, you can swim your laps outdoors in all four seasons. And at the same time enjoy glorious views out across the valley… summer and winter. From 7 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening. On tuesdays even until midnight.

Refreshing and invigorating… Our natural swimming pond is 25 meters long, filled with water pure enough to drink. Our pond is also heated from the summer months until late autumn, guaranteeing bathing enjoyment at 22 degrees and above.

Weightless beneath open skies The whirlpool is located in our sauna garden. Heated to a soothingly warm 35 degrees Celsius.

When you “tread water”, as the process is generally referred to, with every step you take you pull your leg completely out of the water, with the foot itself pointing down a little bit. Then you use both of your hands to brush the water off your legs. By performing various forms of foot exercise or simply walking, you create a very pleasant sensation. It stimulates the cardiovascular system, promotes blood flow, strengthens the veins, improves metabolism, makes the body more resilient and stabilizes the vegetative systems. We recommend the Kneipp stream to raise your spirits as well as to combat varicose veins, uncomfortably overheated legs and even migraines. As you “tread water”, we recommend 10 to 20 seconds to start out, until you feel a slight “pain sensation”. As you get used to the process, that same discomfort won’t set in for 30 or even as much as 60 seconds.