Dear Guests!

Our current times require us to rethink. To pause and consider.
To turn our gaze to the important things.
Which inevitably brings us back to: nature.

Spring is a time of growth.
All life begins. The nature around us turns greener and flourishes.
The forest burgeons, breathes, is fragrant. Flanked by majestic mountains.
Regardless of the other things that affect us right now.

And this gives us hope.
Because nature has shown us for millions of years that it is capable
of surviving the worst of catastrophes.
And we place our trust in this knowledge.

That notwithstanding, now it is our duty to address the situation as is.
Because the coronavirus has the entire world firmly in its grip right now.
And requires all of us to act.
Consequently, we are also living up to our own responsibility.
For the well-being of our guests. The well-being of our employees. And the well-being of our family.

DAS.GOLDBERG will remain closed provisionally until 20.05.2020.
However, we are always available to assist you by email.

It is precisely our closeness to nature that teaches us to look a little farther ahead, beyond what the next morning will bring. Bearing this in mind:
Let us use the time before us to reflect.
To question things that we had perhaps begun to take for granted.
In order then, with greater hope, confidence and insight, to rediscover the beautiful things in life.

We look forward to the next time we get to see you again. Our thoughts are constantly with you!
Stay healthy!
Vera & Georg along with Anna & Peter Seer



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