New times. New challenges. Our spa menu rises to the occasion.
For you to lay back, relax and breath trough.

Completly new: TEAM DR. JOSEPH. Hightech natural cosmetics.
Because we love to be rooted in nature. Without loosing the view for aesthetics. With unique quality.

THE GOLD.MINUTES 40 Minutes / € 89

  • Purification pack
  • Partial body massage with aroma oil for back and neck or for legs

THE MOST PRECIOUS 50 Minutes / € 96

  • Light Peeling with silk gloves
    – for a delicate skin, free of horn skin
  • Leg & Backmassage with aroma oil

THE PICK-ME-UP 40 Minutes / € 79

  • Peeling with fresh roasted coffee
    – for a rosy teint, with a firming and revitalising effect
  • after that a milk pack
    – for silk smooth skin

OUR GOLD 60 Munutes / € 127

  • Light peeling with silk gloves
    – for a smooth skin free of horn skin
  • Partial body massage for back and neck
  • Gold Body Pack


  • relax in a hand or foot bath
  • your nails will be filed and groomed
  • your nail skin will be groomed
  • at the end follows a hand- or feet massage
  • Manicure or Pedicure / € 69
  • Manicure or Pedicure with natural nail polish from Mavala / € 82We want to make you aware that we do not offer a medicinal pedicure.
    Your choice of natural nail polish is only for you and you may take it home with you.


  • Eye brow forming and colouring / € 38
  • Eye brow forming, eyebrow and eyelash colouring / € 48


  • Fasce / € 29
  • Whole leg / € 49


Visible fresh taint and a vital look.
Skin specific deep cleansing methode by TEAM DR JOSEPH:

  • Slighly damp and warm Herb-Steam compress.
  • Light lymphatic stimulating massage.
  • Peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses.
  • Facial complexion pack.
  • Peel Off Masc with skin specific daycare.


Natural active ingredients for a vital and intensive cared skin.
Tuned for the needs of your skin.With an at once effect. And a deeply relaxing care program:

  • Skin diagnostics.
  • Eyebrow forming.
  • Lymphatic stimulating massage.
  • Herb-steam compress.
  • Peeling, deep cleansing with cupping glasses
  • Special Serum. Modulating facial massage
  • Intensive face mask and individual day care


Holistic maximum program. With instant effect.
Intensive care with bio dynamic lifting massage. Coordinated with your skin needs . A beauty treatment with skin diagnostic.

  •  Eyebrow forming.
  • Lymphatic stimulating massage.
  • Herb-steam compress
  • Peeling. Deep cleansing with cupping glasses.
  • Special-Serum. Intensive mask.
  • At the end individual day care and stabilisation.

Ultrasonic Facial Lift

Let yourself experience a completely new process, for a more youthful and perfect look-
Natural, active substances are safely deposited in deeper layers of your skin, with the help of ultrasonic frequencies.


 The Ultrasonic Express Lifting

  • For a tighter skin
  • Lymphatic stimulating
  • Steam Compression
  • Cleanses with Enzyme Ultrasonic deep peeling
  • Ultrasonic Repair & Lifting
  • Daycare

ULTRASONIC.PREMIUM LIFT 50 minutes / € 159

The kings class for ultrasonic liftings.

  • a maximum of tightening for the skin
  • Lymphatic stimulation
  • Steam Compression
  • Cleanses with Enzyme Ultrasonic deep peeling
  • Aliginate mask
  • Ultrasonic Repair & Lifting
  • Vitalizing neck and facial massage
  • Daycare

EXPRESS POWER LIFT. FOR HIM. 50 Minutes / € 79

Natural hightech power. For a strong and groomed aura. Powerfull. Natural. Effective:

  • Skin diagnostics
  • Lymphatic stimulating massage. Herb-steam compress
  • Peeling. Deep cleansing.
  • Special-Serum.
  • Intensive mask with facial massage. At the end individual day care.

Blood circulation. Free from horned skin. Enhances circulation. Silky smooth skin.

ARNIKA SALT PEELING  20 Minutes / € 42

Cooling. Regenerating. Vitalizing. Ideal for after sports 20 Minutes / € 35

Pine and Honey Peeling: 20 Minutes / € 42

Enhancement of cell activity. Optimizing skin balance. For a silky smooth skin.

Johannis herb Peeling  20 Minutes / € 42

Milk. Beer yeast. Johannis herbs. Olive oil
Regeneration of your skin and tightening of connecting tissue.

COFFEE.PEELING  20 Minutes / € 42

With fresh roasted GOLDBERG.KOFFEE
Revitalising your skin. Pore deep cleansing. For a rosy and firm skin

Optimal nourishment for your skin with nutrients. Enhances blood flow, detoxifies and relaxes the muscles. For new vitality and energy.

MOOR – ALPINE HERB PACK: 20 Minutes / € 54

Enhancing, relaxing and refreshing
Enhances the blood flow and stimulates the metabolism

FIRMING PACK 20 Minutes / € 54

Sustainable firm skin. For a contured figure.

REGENERATING.PACK 20 Minutes / € 54

Loosens tensions in your back and neck area.

ANTI CELLULITE PACK 20 Minutes / € 54

Algae cocktail to activate your fat metabolism.
Reduces water collection and helps with Cellulite.

GOLD PACK: 20 Minutes / € 58

Golden Algae, to reduce stress and harmonice your nervous system.
Looses energy blockades and firms your skin.

SILVER PACK 20 Minutes / € 58

White Pearlmutt. For a shimmering complexion of your skin
For dry skin.

ÄGYPTOS-VITAL WRAP 90 Minutes / € 155

Natural ingredients with a special wrap technique. In our relaxing warm water bed for a firm skin.

MOUNTAIN SALT WRAP 20 Minutes / € 45

Pure mountain salt. Precious honey.
Extracts from birch leaves, juniper and orange oil.
Purifying, detoxifying, water draining and enhances your circulatory system.

Loosens tension in back and neck area, loosens and activates your musculature. A true wellspring of youth for body and soul!

PARTIAL BODY Massage for back and neck 20 Minutes / € 45

PARTIAL BODY MASSAGE for legs 20 Minutes / € 45


Pure relaxation for your body. Freem from burdens and tensions.
Aromatic oil of your choosing. Individually tailored for your needs. Enhances musculature and performance. Soothes tensions.

GOLDEN TIMES: 50 Minutes / € 77

2 Massages of your choice:
Feet reflex-, Back-, Facial-, or Leg massage

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE 20 Minutes / € 45 or 50 Minutes / € 77

Soft massage to enhance your lymphatic system.
For vein problems, migraine or cellulite and also to enhance your immune system.


Enhances the function of your inner organs.
Activates your whole being for new vitality.

FACIAL MASSAGE  20 Minutes / € 45

GOLDBERG-MASSAGE 50 Minutes / € 158

Simultanious massage in our duo massage room.
Tailored to the needs of each individual
2 Massages per person to choose from:
Feet reflex-, Back-, Facial- or Legmassage.

THE BEST 20 Minutes / € 90 for 2 Persons

Feet reflex zone massage or back massage.

Let go and relax 50 Minutes / € 178

Soft full body peeling with silk gloves
Facial massage, back massage


Earthly vitality with a basalt stone massage for legs and back. For deep relaxation.
Stimulates the energy points of your body trough warm basalt stones. A soft massage with ätheric Chackra oils.
Enhances your lymphatic system and activates the bodys own detoxifying effect. Enjoy the deep earthly vitality with a stone massage.

20 Minutes Back / € 55
40 Minutes back and legs  / € 79


Removing of blockades in the belly area. Regulates the vegetative system. Including a 20 minute rest phase with Fango.

BACK TREATMENT. Nach Ayurveda 50 Minutes / € 89

Loosens tensions in your neack and back area. Including a 20 minute rest phase with Fango. For an enhancing effect.

LOMI-LOMI-NUI MASSAGE 65 Minutes / € 118

Hawaian temple massage with warm ätheric oils.
Free of stress and tensions. Feel the freedom.

HERB STAMP MASSAGE 30 Minutes / € 69

Intensive full body treatment with precious natural oils and select herb mixtures. A activating treatment with light pressure to reduce stress. For more vitality and balance.

Treatmens are individually customized for your needs. Feel the cooling power of Arnika, the relaxing power of Johannis herbs or the inflammatory reducing marmot oil.

  • Treatments are bookable between 08.00 until 19.00
  • Reservation: Timely reservation will guarantee a vacation fitting of your personal choices. You may reserve your treatments directly at the spa reception/reception or via E-Mail or by telephone under 0043 (0) 6432 6444
  • Cancellation: If you are unable to make your appointment we ask for a timely information. Cancellations until 18.00 the day prior to your appointment are free of charge. Shorter cancellations under this timeframe will have to be charged fully if we do not find another appointment for this time.
  • Punctuality: Please arrive timely to your appointment. A later arrival will shorten your treatment duration.


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