Gold.Flow. From various sources.

From coffee. To the sundowner. To the aperitif. To the digestif. To a nightcap.
Just the way you like it. At the Gold Bar. Because the selection here leaves nothing to be desired.
80 types of gin with the matching tonic, 100 whiskeys and finely sorted rums.
In addition, regional brandies and liqueurs made from herbs, pine or fruits. As seduction of all senses.

Cocktails from all over the world. Refined and adapted. To our homeland.
Because the Salzburger Land has the best natural resources.
To turn a normal cocktail into something very special.
Let yourself be tempted!

As a crowning conclusion to a wonderful day then.
A digestive. Short and concise. Concise or soft. From well-known or lesser-known distilleries of the region.
But always grounding. And authentic.

Große Weinauswahl aus dem DAS.GOLDBERG im Salzburger Land


From early in the morning. Until late in the evening. From icy cold. To steaming warm.

Fine wines. Served.

Pure seduction. For all senses.
450 wines. Noble drops. From the region. And from all over the world.
Typical and rare wines from Austria. Exquisite wines from Germany.
And many other precious drops from all over the world.
Handpicked grapes.
Carefully selected. Lovingly stored. And well protected.
In our wine cabinet.
To rest. Mature. Admire. And seduce.
From fruity whites to full-bodied reds.
Depending on mood or taste. Always accompanied by our sommeliers.
Who know how to tell the right story for every wine.
And find the perfect counterpart to every drop on the menu…

Detailaufnahme der Dekoration an der Wand der Hotel Bar
Der Goldberg Wein
Große Weinauswahl aus dem DAS.GOLDBERG im Salzburger Land


From near. And far. 450 varieties. Handpicked. With love. And passion.