Culinary delights from the Salzburg region.

Good by tradition

“Forest. Meadow. Valuable.”. That is our motto. Our credo. Because we grew up.
With an incredible tradition. It has taught us how valuable our nature, our mountains and regional products are.
We celebrate our roots accordingly. Carrying on our tradition. In our Culinarium. Wild and creative.
Pleasant in taste. Without any amplifiers. Because what we have is more. In every area.
Our nature, our region and our tradition are the driving force. For a kitchen.
Which provides the basis for creativity. Which is second to none.

Homemade stone-baked bread. With recipes from the family. And grain from the region.
Hand-picked jams. From apricots to blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries.
Grandma’s recipes. Always much loved. Reinterpreted by us.
Extracts from our Kräuter.Reich. Directly in front of the house. With elixirs that not only enrich and embellish the raw food selection at the buffet.
But also unfold their effect in the spa.

As an oil essence: Melissa for calming. St. John’s wort to relax. And marigold for healing.
Nature guides. Our actions.

Hausgemachte Marmeladen aus frischen Früchten
Hausgemachte Limonaden
DAS.GOLDBERG - Natur- und Designhotel in Bad Hofgastein


Because we love cooking with local products.

Dishes refined with fine herbs. From the garden. The surrounding meadows. And the primeval forests in the valley.