A bridge leads us to the golden gate.
Into our future.

The Goldberg.Golden.Gate.Bridge.2024.

Based on the cornerstones of our history. An inn. Towards DAS.GOLDBERG. As it stands now. To DAS.GOLDBERG of the future. Building bridges. Building on tradition, history and family. Into the next generation.


External standstill. For a renewal. For even more quality.
Therefore we will close our doors on April 07. It will reopen in its new splendor on July 5.


These are the golden benefits that result. You can also follow us step by step on our social media channels.



Our current restaurant and terrace will be extended and built over so that the concept of freedom becomes tangible from an Adlerhorst perspective with a boundless view over Bad Hofgastein to the high peaks of the Hohe Tauern through floor-to-ceiling glass fronts.


Oiled wooden floors made from various local woods such as spruce and oak give the room its foundation. Curved elements in the ceiling area lend lightness. And regional plants such as mountain pines and ferns hanging from blackened metal rods give the room the right floral touch. In line with our philosophy Forest.Meadow.Valuable.


Accompanied by decorative elements made of wool, linen and leather, naturally sourced locally. And perfectly shaped seating.


The lounge area is also being reinterpreted. To give the space more freedom with a covered extension. Paired with stylish tables, seating and lamps that give the new room an elegant design setting. And an artistically designed carpet with gold ornaments gives the room a perfectly shaped feel. Perfectly adapted to the new restaurant area in terms of ambience, appearance, materials and planting to continue the line and create a unity.


Our already trendy bar will also be enriched and renewed.
With a new bar counter made of old local oak, a casual front made of leather and brass pilaster strips, accompanied by a brass bottle tower. In front: cool bar stools. And perfectly illuminated. With our new bar lighting system.


Another highlight: A covered smoking lounge for smokers and cigar aficionados.



We have also expanded our breakfast and salad buffet. We will enrich them with baskets, old tree trunks as shelves and old chests and tables, based on the “market stalls” of our regional markets, to give our bread, home-pressed juices or local cheese the appropriate stage to present themselves.


On top of this, we also want to give the topics of intolerances or vegan food the appropriate framework.



Sunny Side Up: Our south-facing terrace is also getting a refresh. Both with glass roofing and shading. So that you can enjoy the fantastic view of the valley and the peaks whatever the weather. And always has the feeling of being on top of things. Perfectly situated. On new seating furniture. And optimally illuminated.



For us, love of freedom also means swimming. Into infinity.
Accordingly, we are extending and expanding our infinity pool to 22 meters. Free-floating, ending far above the edge of the terrain. Bounded only by a glass front that blurs all boundaries. Surrounded by a free-floating path. And fascinatingly illuminated at night.


Our outdoor sauna area is also getting a refresh in the truest sense of the word: it is being extended. With a cold water pool including a waterfall that ends in a new whirlpool. Water cascades directly in the hotel.


A fresh kick on the outside, a new haven of peace on the inside: with new hanging eggs in our relaxation rooms.



Space and enjoyment. This is also the maxim of our thinking. To bring the inside and outside into harmony. Accordingly, the rooms and suites on the 5th floor are now also being adapted to the new design and fitted with oiled wooden floors, shading and blinds.
And thus make a stay possible, that enables uncompromising luxury. In harmony with nature.



Crossing the Golden.Gate.Bridge is not about going higher, faster and further. Rather, it is specifically aimed at integrating and anchoring the topic of sustainability even further in the concept. Accordingly, the topic of deep heat is very close to our hearts. On our way into the future, we will receive an additional heat pump with approx. 6,000 meters of deep drilling.
For a “green pool”: heating in winter and cooling in summer.


Plus shading for the large glass fronts. A PV system for all buildings (DAS.GOLDBERG, staff houses and BERGLIFT).
An emergency power generator for the entire system. And waste water heat recovery.


We will gladly take you with us. On our bridge building. So that you can experience our further development live.


A construction diary will accompany our journey into the future. Consisting of current pictures, videos and interviews.


We look forward to sharing our steps into the future with you.
And even more about it: Being able to present our Das.Goldberg to you in a completely new way.


Your family Seer with Vera, Georg, Anna and Peter.