Our sauna world

Well-being. With healing effect.

Polarities. For your health. Hot and cold. In interplay. Enjoy. And do something for your health at the same time. Or all in one at our day spa in Salzburger Land.
In the sauna.worlds at DAS.GOLDBERG.


According to old Gastein tradition. In a new ambience. Stone and wood. Borrowed from Mother Nature.
For the respiratory tract. For muscle relaxation. For rapid regeneration. Find out more about our unique stollen.

Panoramic sauna:

Unique views from the Finnish sauna (90˚C). Down into the valley. Up into the mountains.
Plus exquisite infusions. Our sauna master. On 3 to 4 days. Per week.

Herbal sauna:

Pure relaxation. At approx. 60˚ C. With the scent of local alpine herbs.

Textile sauna (in the outdoor area):

Sauna. At 90 degrees. With swimwear. Respect values. From the big wide world.

Foam steam bath (NEW from July 2024):

Soothing warmth in symbiosis with foam. At 45 degrees. Vaporized. And scented. With fully automated foam event program. For all-round well-being.

Infrared cabin:

For relief. And healing . From complaints. Recommended. Before every massage. To stimulate blood circulation.

Cold water pool (NEW from July 2024):

To cool down after the sauna. With waterfall. Into the whirlpool below.

Opening hours:

Gold.Stollen open from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm
All other saunas are open in summer from 1.00 pm to 7.30 pm
In fall and winter, our saunas are open from 11.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Sauna world at the wellness hotel Bad Gastein

Sauna mit Weitblick

Romantic weekend at the wellness hotel DAS.GODLBERG in Salzburger Land

Herbal sauna at the wellness and design hotel Salzburg

Powerful. Or gentle. With herbs. Or Finnish. Relaxing.
Or soothing. Hot. And cold.
In interplay.