Complete wellbeing.

With healing benefits.

Polarities. For your health. Hot and cold. A juxtaposition. Enjoyment. But simultaneously with immense health benefits. This is what saunas are all about.
Especially the sauna worlds at DAS.GOLDBERG.


True to an ancient Gastein tradition. In a new ambience. A very different form of therapy,, learn more about our unique Healing Gallery.

Panorama Sauna:

Unique views from our Finnish sauna (90˚C). Of the valley below. Of the mountains above.
At temperatures between 80 – 90˚ C, you should never spend longer than 20 minutes in the sauna.
And after your sessions in the sauna, give your cardiovascular system an added jolt by cooling down. Either in our outdoor pool or underneath our rain-forest showers.

Herbal Sauna:

Pure relaxation. At temperatures around 60˚ C in our herbal sauna. The fragrance of alpine herbs enhances the overall sensation of wellbeing.
We recommend spending ca. 20 minutes in the herbal sauna.

Swimsuit Sauna in the Spa Chalet:

On the lower floor of the Spa Chalet, you will discover a swimsuit sauna, reserved exclusively for the use of guests who prefer not to be nude in the sauna.
At temperatures between ca. 80 – 90˚ C, please do not spend longer than 20 minutes in this sauna.

Steam Cabin:

The steady, soothing warmth is pleasantly relaxing. We recommend spending about 15 minutes here at a temperature of 45˚ C.

Infrared Cabin:

Warmth has promoted healing and relief of aches and pains for as long as anyone can remember. A visit to the infrared cabin is especially recommended before massages or other treatments. We suggest spending from 20 to 30 minutes here at temperatures from 30 to 36˚ C.


Gold.Mine from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
All other saunas are open from 12 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Saunawelt im Wellnesshotel Hotel bad Gastein

Romantikwochenende im Wellnesshotel DAS.GODLBERG im Salzburger Land

Kräutersauna im Wellness- und Designhotel Salzburg

Powerful. Or gentle. With herbs. Or Finnish. Relaxing.
Or soothing. Hot. And cold.
In juxtaposition.