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Family.ties. A living tradition

Family. An important term. For our house. By tradition alone. Old values. In fast-moving times. GOLDBERG people have always placed great value on trust and cohesion. And respect. And so people from all over the world come together.
To live a passion at DAS.GOLDBERG. The great passion to be there for people.


Review. And outlook. Into golden times.

The former building, the Pyrkerhöhe, was first mentioned in a document in 1905 as a farm with an attached inn. A coveted spot, especially for spa guests and summer visitors: high above the Gastein Valley. Due to the premature death of the then owner, Katharina and Peter Seer were able to acquire the inn in 1981. Coming from the neighboring valley of Großarl and growing up in very poor circumstances, they saw their future in this farm. They renovated the business and expanded it by 24 rooms.
In 1997, his son Georg and his wife Vera took over the business. Her major goal was to completely rebuild the hotel. After 10 years of negotiations, the time had finally come: an additional hectare of land was acquired from the municipality to implement the project. The old building was demolished on September 1, 2012, and DAS.GOLDBERG opened on July 19, 2013.

Outlook. Into golden times.
We want to bring stories together with the nature and design hotel DAS.GOLDBERG. And revive it: The golden age of the Gastein Valley. The history of the Seer family. And the stories of our guests.