Architecture, Design and Nature.

The old. Reinterpreted. The tried and true. Integrated. Orchestrated to perfection. Modern architecture meets clean lines. Wood meets glass. Meets leather. Meets stone.
In a new setting. Old beams as tables, as chairs or as a bar. Ceiling-high windows. As a gateway to gigantic scenery. Ice sculptures. Enthroned high above the valley. As a reminiscence of mining days. Materials and lines. In carpets and paintings. Created by an artist’s hand. And dedicated to thermal waters.
The golden pendulum. That slows down the pace of time and life, regardless of the lines it inscribes. And nature. As the grand stage for it all.

Weißer Sand mit kreisförmigen Linien
Nahaufnahme eines Holzstuhls mit eingearbeitetem DAS.GOLDBERG Logo und einem liebevoll verzierten Kissen
Nahaufnahme einer holzvertäfelten Wand dekoriert mit Portraitbildern und Lichtakzenten

Close ties to home. With love for detail.

It isn’t only the materials, but also the craftsmen and artists who hail from the region. So as to share our deep local roots with everyone.