The Hohe Tauern

The rooftop of Austria

At the end of Gastein Valley. The National.Park. A place of immense primal power. Wild, ancient landscapes. And a deeply rooted culture of hill farming. All of these aspects shape the Hohe Tauern. The rooftop of Austria. Spanning 1,856 km², the National Park is by far the biggest nature sanctuary in the entire Alpine region. It encompasses imposing primordial landscapes including glaciers, cliffs and alpine meadows. Though also areas of high pastures, that have been painstakingly tended for centuries.
Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner at 3,798 m above sea level, towers skywards along with more than 300 other peaks above 3,000 meters. And almost 180 km2 of the National Park – virtually 10 % of its area – are covered by glacial ice to this very day. 279 idyllic mountain streams, arteries of life, flow from the high mountains all the way to the valley below.
And a look through the “Tauern Window” provides a glimpse into countless millions of years of the Earth’s history.
Especially in summer or autumn: Time: For a holiday in Austria.

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A third of all plants native to Austria. And some 10,000 animal species live in Hohe Tauern National Park. High-alpine beings. Survival artists. Thriving despite almost 8 months of winter.