Living traditions.

Out of deep conviction.

Throughout the year, art, culture and folk customs are lived and nurtured with pride and passion by locals and rural communities. Because we are committed to our roots.


The longest day and the shortest night are given the celebration they are due here in Gastein Valley. “Mountains in Flames” is the name of a tradition celebrated every year on 21 June (if that date happens to fall on a weekday, it is moved to the weekend immediately before or after). For weeks, young men and women collect wood on the mountaintops, then hundreds of bonfires are ignited along the ridge lines on the actual evening of the summer solstice.

Cultural Tip:

  • sommer.frische.kunst Festival July / August:
    The art & cultural festival known as sommer.frische.kunst. draws visitors from around the world to Bad Gastein year after year, because Bad Gastein, as long as anyone can remember, has also been a place of “high culture” and a magnet for artists as well as culture lovers.
    Even such acclaimed figures as Franz Schubert, Arthur Schopenhauer, Thomas Mann and Gustav Klimt opened themselves to the inspiration of Bad Gastein during the summer months.
    Download the summer art & culture programme
  • Juan Diego Florez in Gastein
    Visit us in Gastein to enjoy on 21.07.2018 the leading tenor of our day. Together with Philharmonie Salzburg this evening in Alpen Arena of Bad Hofgastein become an international operatic venue.
  • Jazz at the Sägewerk:
    The music, art and literature association based at the Sägewerk is actually hosts one of the most important addresses for jazz in all of Austria, drawing guests with an array of top-quality events – concerts, cabarets, workshops, film, lectures and art exhibitions – throughout the year. Their outstanding calendar includes SNOW JAZZ GASTEIN and the open-air concerts during
  • Alm:Klassik from 26.08. – 09.09.2018 Mountains:Music
    Set against spectacular mountain scenery, concerts of classical music are held at mountain huts in Gastein under the motto ALM:KLASSIK. The local Kurorchester and diverse folk-music groups show off excerpts from their repertoire here, surrounded by glorious open countryside.
    Admission to the concerts is free of charge.

Harvest Festival

With summer in the mountains gradually drawing to a close, the animals are driven back to the valley. Cause to celebrate, at events including the annual Almabtrieb fair as well as Harvest Festival. An expression of gratitude for a good year. Harvest Festival season begins in early August and ends in mid-October. Though all summer long, visitors can watch the hill farmers in action, making cheese, distilling schnapps and baking bread at mountain huts. During Harvest Festival, many regional dishes, made true to traditional recipes, are offered at the huts and restaurants. Every week also promises a farmers’ market. Where you can buy a wide selection of organic-quality products.


Krampus and Saint Nick – on 5 and 6 December
Virtually an entire valley is in motion. When, on 5 and 6 December, Saint Nicholas and his Krampus companions make their way from house to house.
This tradition still plays an important role in Gastein Valley. Clad in old pelts and handmade wooden masks, the men go from door to door together with Nicholas. Some 180 different groups, of 5-10 people each, roam the street, and you are likely to encounter them around practically every corner.

Advent and Christmas:
Advent in the mountains is a very special time of year. A time of reflection. A time of tradition. A time of peace. Mountain Christmas in Austria, A very special experience indeed. Numerous events take place in all of the valley’s villages.

Gasteiner Brauchtum im Designhotel DAS.GOLDBERG

Traditionen im **** Designhotel Salzburg

Traditional craftsmanship at Design Hotel DAS.GOLDBERG in Salzburger Land

Music & dance. Culinary artistry & exceptional craftsmanship. Our lives are shaped by living traditions. Deeply held values, continued to this day. And into the future.