Unique Gastein healing gallery

With radon therapy. Unique in the world. Naturally pain-free.

The Gastein Healing Gallery is a health center for radon therapy. This cure in the healing gallery is based on therapeutic entries into the 2.5 km long natural radon gallery.

The combination of high humidity, heat and radon inside the Radhausberg in Bad Gastein makes the Heilstollen Gastein a unique form of therapy worldwide. Long-lasting pain relief, savings on medication for up to a year and immune stabilization are the scientifically proven effects of radon therapy in the healing gallery in Austria.

The Gastein Healing Gallery helps with rheumatic-inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory tract and the skin.
From a medical point of view, a treatment period of 2-4 weeks is recommended. Each week, 3-4 healing tunnel entries are completed.

The Heilstollen therapy in Gastein is recognized by Austrian and German health insurance companies.

People in bathrobes wait at the entrance of the Gastein Heilstollen
Three people sitting in a small train and looking out the door
DAS.GOLDBERG - Natur- und Designhotel in Bad Hofgastein

Natural healing. With a long-term effect. In the Bad Gastein healing gallery. Breathe. And heal. For a new pain-free attitude to life.

The Goldberg Hotel is a top-class designer hotel. The outward impression alone invites you to enter and makes you want to get to know it.
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Panorama Ansicht vom Hotel DAS.GOLDBERG
The GOLDBERG is worth a visit!