Our current regulations to combat the COVID-19 virus

Safety first. That is our motto.

Because your health is our top priority. So you can sit back and relax. And enjoy your vacation with us. Because we do everything we can to guarantee your safety. Nevertheless, we ask you to study the following information carefully. Because only if we are all mindful together will nothing stand in the way of a carefree vacation.

We have plenty of space. To provide you with sufficient space for your health.
Whether in the reception area, in the restaurant. In the rooms. Or in the spa.
Because space. Is our life. Nevertheless, fewer measures – for employees and guests – are needed to maintain safety.

We always try our best to keep all content here as up-to-date as possible.
The latest regulations can be found at:

  • Even though close contact is normally very important to us, we ask you to refrain from shaking hands and hugging.
  • As usual, we reserved a table in the restaurant in the evening for the duration of our stay. There is still free choice of table for breakfast.
  • Clean your hands several times a day with soap and water at least once a day. 30 seconds. Take advantage of our disinfection options, carefully positioned in the hotel area.
  • Our employees are extensively trained. Please follow the instructions of the employees. They only want the best for you.
  • Surfaces are regularly disinfected.
  • A constant supply of fresh air and a powerful ventilation system throughout the hotel. In addition, regular ventilation phases.
  • You will find sufficient disinfectant throughout the hotel and in your room (especially at manual entrance doors and in the buffet area) as well as discreet signs.
  • Spacious spa area with plenty of loungers and space
  • Sufficient distance to the tables in the restaurant area.
  • Online check-in before arrival possible

There are currently no entry restrictions for Austria

Of course, we are there for you in the reception area in the usual way. And always have a smile on their faces. Nevertheless, there are a few things that should also be taken into account here and that we can use to help each other.

  • In order to reduce waiting times in the reception area to a minimum, we kindly ask you to contact our reception team during your stay if you have any questions or requests, preferably by telephone on the number 90 or 91.

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been our top priority. In order to guarantee both your health and that of our employees, we have further intensified our hygiene precautions.

  • Bed linen and towels are cleaned to the highest hygiene standards.
  • All rooms are regularly well ventilated during room cleaning.
  • The rooms are cleaned with special attention after every guest change. In particular, objects that are touched a lot, such as remote controls, door handles, touch screens and light switches, are disinfected with the utmost care.
  • Cleaning cloths and disinfectant gloves are changed after each room.
  • We are happy to stock the mini-bar on request.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available in all our rooms.

As always, our cuisine is all about regionality. In this way, we want to support the producers and farmers of the region and give you an insight into our roots. Combined with culinary excursions. Into the wide, exciting world of Lucullica. But here, too, it is important to be careful. In our cozy lounges, it’s easy for us to make demands. Thanks to our generous interior design.

  • Our available space makes it easy for us to maintain the minimum distance and set up the tables accordingly.
  • Sufficient disinfectant is provided at our buffets. Self-service at the buffets is only possible after prior disinfection.
    The individual courses of our evening menu will be served to you in the usual way by our staff
  • Our service staff refrain from physical contact and are all either vaccinated, tested or recovered.

We are pleased that we can make our spa & pool area available to you during your stay. And offer you a variety of treatments and massages. But here, too, we pay strict attention to adhering to the high safety and hygiene standards. Accordingly, special instructions are also required here.

Our entire wellness area is open for you

  • Please don’t forget to shower before and after using our water facilities!
  • Our sauna area can be used at any time. Please pay attention to the 1-meter distance to people from other households
    There is room for several people in our Goldstollen, as there is a spatial separation.
  • Due to the lower temperature, we ask that you only use our steam bath with people from the same household.
  • The loungers in the relaxation rooms are adjusted to the minimum distance. We still offer one lounger per guest!
  • Spa treatments such as massages or cosmetic treatments can be booked through our hotel or spa reception and are carried out under the highest hygiene standards, such as disinfection, etc.

In the mountains. Dwells freedom!
The nature around us offers the best opportunities for free and easy exploration.

  • Our hiking guide Christian has put together a great program for the summer and winter months.
  • Yoga and sports sessions are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations (minimum number of participants and social distancing). Please register in advance at reception or online via our Guestnet.
  • All rooms are regularly ventilated.
  • You will find our hiking program and activity program in the usual way only a few days before your arrival in our Guestnet.

Even if we all have to adhere to certain guidelines. And we are also happy to follow recommendations.
We try to keep everything discreet. To grant them maximum freedom and security.
To enjoy a well-deserved vacation without any complications.

The unlimited freedom of the mountains. And our spacious ambience. Make it possible.
To enjoy a vacation. Which is second to none.
With space. And time.

Stay healthy!
Your Seer family


We fully understand this. Our conditions have therefore been adjusted.
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