Our current regulations during Covid-19

Safety first is our creed

Safety first is our creed. Your health is our top priority.
We will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your vacation to its fullest.
We take every measure for your protection. We kindly ask you to carefully study the following information. If we all are mindful together nothing will stand in the way of a carefree vacation.

We have plenty of room for you. In our Reception area, in the restaurant, your rooms or the spa area.
Space is important for our lives. However, there are a few rules for our guests and our employees to support safety.

  • NEW: Starting with 23.03.2022 most rules will end. We kindly ask you to wear a FFP2-Mask in indoor areas. Starting with 23.03.2022 there will be a new rule fo rwearing FFP2-Masks for indoor areas.
  • Usually a close contact is very important to us, but we ask you to do without handshakes and hugs.
  • As usual we have a table reserved for you for the duration of your stay in our restaurant for dinner. For breakfast we will also assign a table.
  • Clean your hands multiple times each day with warm water and soap for at least 30 seconds.
    Please make use of the carefully placed disinfectant stations troughout our hotel.
  • Our employees are trained extensively. Please heed the advice of our employees. We only have your best interests in mind.
  • Our spa area is fully available. We provide 1 resting place per guest.
  • We are glad to provide our buffets for breakfast, snack etc as usual.
  • Massages and Beauty Treatments are available to be booked.
  • Our Yoga and Fitness program is possible as usual.
  • We have amended our cancellation policies for a risk-free vacation planning
  • All employees in Restaurant, at the bar and during the spa treatment are either vaccinated, tested or recovered.
  • Plexi glass partitions in the areas of the reception, restaurant and the spa area will enhance safety.
  • Surfaces (like for example door handles. light switches etc.) will be additionally sanitized with special cleaning solutions and gloves.
  • Das.Goldberg is happy to have a permanent fresh air system for all rooms, this ensures a regular circulation of fresh air
  • Guests that live in the same household or enjoy their vacation together as a small group can be placed together in our restaurant.
  • Our whole hotel area will be equipped with enough disinfectant dispensers (mainly in the areas of manual doors and in the buffet area).
    Please be aware of information sings in certain areas. In addition, you will find disinfectants in all rooms and suites.
  • Our wellness area will be additionally furnished with disinfectant for cots, saunas and fitness equipment.
    We ask you for your own and the protection of our other guests to use the disinfectant for fitness equipment, wood cots etc. before and after use.
  • You may provide your person data online before check-in

Travel to austria from abroad
New starting with 22. February 2022
For travel to austria you will need a 3G-Certificate (Vaccinated, Recovered or Testet (PCR-Test is valid 72 hours, Antigen-Test is valid 24 hours)


New: Starting with 05.03.2022 you will not need a 3G-Proof for check-in anymore (only for traveling to austria)

Of course we will always be delighted to be here for you in our Reception area and will always welcome you with a smile. Please be aware that there are some things to keep in mind so we all can help each other out.

  • To reduce waiting times in the reception area we ask you to call us preferably via telephone for questions and wishes. Telephone Number 90 or 91 for our reception team.

Hygiene and cleanliness were always our top priority. To ensure the health of our guests and our employees we have intensified those measures even more.

  • The cleaning of our sheets and towels is handled on the highest hygiene standards.
  • All rooms will be ventilated regularly when cleaned.
  • Our rooms will be carefully cleaned after every departure.
  • Especially often used items like door handles, remotes, touchscreens and light switches will be disinfected with special care.
  • Cleaning cloths and disinfectant gloves will be changed with every room.
  • Some of our special decoration items, which we cherish, have been removed temporarily because of those special circumstances.
  • Our Mini-Bar will be filled upon our guests request
  • All our rooms will be equipped with disinfectant dispensers.

Our cuisine is as always fresh and regional. We want to support our local farmers and region, to enable you a view of our roots, together with our culinary excursions to lavish and luxurious food. Here are some things to take note of.

  • Our spacious restaurant allows us to satisfy our commitment to space with ease through its generous area.
  • Our sitting arrangement enables us to keep the minimum distance of 1 meter with ease and we will rearrange the tables accordingly.
  • The buffet area will be furnished with enough disinfectant dispensers. self-service in the buffet area is only possible with previous disinfection.
  • The different courses of our dinner menu will be served as usual by our restaurant team.

We are happy to provide you with our whole Spa & Pool area during your stay and will offer you a wide variety of treatments and massages.
Of course our spa area will also be held to the highest security and hygiene standards.
We would like to note the following:

  • Please be aware and notice the information signs in the areas of our pool, fitness room, saunas and the Gold.Stollen.
  • There will be floor markings to ease your orientation.
  • In our natural bathing pond there is a minimum distance of 3-4 meters because of the natural way the water is treated.
  • Please do not forget to shower before using our pool facilities.
  • Our finnish Panorama Sauna is open for everyone, we only ask you to please keep the distance of 1 meter to persons from other households
    Our Gold.Stollen has seperated room areas.
  • If you wish for an exclusive sauna use with more space, you may sign up for our outdoor-finnish-sauna or our herb sauna to use with only one room.
  • Our loungers and cots in the relax areas will be adapted to this new minimum distance. Please understand that some loungers may be closed or have been removed.
  • Our offerings for massages and other spa treatments may be booked with our reception or spa reception
  • We offer a lounger per guest in our Spa area (indoor and outdoor). Due to the current situation we had to close off a few loungers and lounging areas. To ensure our best service and to conform to the distance rules we offer our Spa area for you starting with the guaranteed check in time of 15.00 (of course it is possible to check in earlier if the room is ready).

Our all-encompassing nature is the best way to be free and to explore without restrictions, however there are also some rules you should take note of.

  • Bike tours and hiking are possible with and without guide as usual.
  • Guided hikes and other guided activities are possible. We ask for a pre registration at our reception or trough our Guestnet
  • We will have our usual weekly yoga activities. To conform with the special distancing rules for our active yoga room, there will be maximum participants.
  • Our hiking and activity program is available as usual some days before your arrival in our guest net.
  • All enclosed spaces (like ski lifts, buildings, public transport, the area before entering ski lifts and ticket booth area) require the wearing of a FFP2 mask for person beginning with 6 years
  • Children vom 6 to 14 years may wear a simple mask instead of the FFP2
  • Children below 6 years do not have to wear a mask
  • The full current measures may be founder under:

FREE CANCELLATION GUARANTEE up to 2 days before arrival (valid for stays until December 15th, 2022)

So that you can plan you vacation carefee,
we guarantee you a free cancellation option if one of these reasons applies:

  • In case of a new lockdown
  • If you get sick with Covid-19 (a positive test is needed)
  • In case of closed borders

If one of the above-mentioned cases should happen we will cancel your booking free of charge.
For the deposit we will issue a voucher. Upon request we will also transfer the despot back to you.


Our cancelation policies:

Stays from May 25th 2022 – December 15th 2022

  • Cancellations up to 15 days prior arrival are free
  • Cancellation from 14 days up to 8 days before arrival we charge 70% of the full booking amount.
  • Cancellation from 7 days up to 1 days before arrival we charge 90% of the full booking amount.
  • If your cancellation is received on your scheduled arrival day, we will be obliged to charge you for the full cost of your stay.

Stays from December 16th 2022 – April 11th 2023

  • Cancellations up to 31 days prior arrival are free
  • Cancellation from 30 days up to 15 days before arrival we charge 40% of the full cost of your stay.
  • Cancellation from 14 days up to 8 days before arrival we charge 70% of the full cost of your stay.
  • Cancellation from 7 days up to 1 days before arrival we charge 90% of the full cost of your stay.
  • If your cancellation is received on your scheduled arrival day, we will be obliged to charge you for the full cost of your stay.

Bookings for Yoga retreats

Because of the minimum participants required for Yoga Retreats they are excluded from these rules.
the rules statet on the confirmation apply. (Our Corona related cancelatio policies are valid for these bookings)

Special-Events (like the Ärzte or Helene Fischer Concerts)

  • These bookings are NON REFUNDABLE. In case of a cancellation we charge 100% of the full booking amount.
    Should the concert or event be canceled by the venue host or if it is canceled by higher force it is not linked to your booking and no grounds for refund.
    (Our Corona related cancelatio policies are valid for these bookings)

We are aware that we all have to adhere to certain rules and limits.
We tried our best to keep everything low key and to grant you the maximum amount of freedom and security:
So you may enjoy uncomplicated vacation time.

The unlimited free space in our mountains. Our generous ambience, will make you enjoy your vacation that is unparalelled.
With space and time.

Stay healthy!  
Your Seer Family


You have our utmost understanding for this. Because of this we have adapted our conditions per 02.08.2020.
This are valid for stays till 30.11.2020
see more details here