Cleansing breaths

420,000 kilogrammes. For pure rejuvenation. This is how much the natural rock from the central massif of the Hohe Tauern range weighs, which, together with mighty tree trunks, now forms the new highlight at the GOLDBERG Spa. Absolutely unique in today’s world. But built according to deep Gastein tradition. For wellbeing and regeneration.

Heilstollen im Designhotel Salzburg

SPA Bereich im Hotel Bad Gastein

Blick in einen Ruheraum, welcher mit Liegen und großen Fenstern ausgestattet ist
Healing Gallery and Wellness Day in Salzburg

Perfect climate. 42 degrees Celsius. Beneficial for the respiratory passages and muscle tension. An interplay of warmth and humidity.
Silence. Warmth. And pure relaxation. In the GOLD.MINE. Far removed.
From hectic daily life