Wellness and yoga in Austria

Yoga.fall in the Gastein Valley

Every year in October, for 9 days, all yoga styles are taught at different locations. 2x daily at DAS.GOLDBERG. For beginners and advanced.

Yoga and inspiration in the fall

250 yoga sessions in 9 days

9 days in the Gastein Valley: ALL YOGA. All yoga styles are taught at different locations and in different hotels – for all levels – beginners and advanced. Participation in the events is possible for a small fee of €15 to €20 for each guest.
DAS.GOLDBERG offers 2-3 events a day, such as aerial yoga, sound journeys and classic yoga classes.

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10 days of yoga in the Gastein Valley

Spring in the Gastein Valley starts full of energy! A great yoga program with all yoga styles awaits our guests in Gastein under the motto “BREATHE THE MOUNTAINS”. Yoga for beginners and advanced students. Our hotel guests can take part in the hotel’s yoga program twice a day. You can also take part in an extensive yoga program in the entire Gastein Valley. (Contribution towards expenses at other locations € 15 to 20 per person). Be part of it

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Yoga retreats

Wellness, SPA and yoga

Take part in yoga sessions at special places of power. Take a deep breath. Enjoy our unique location in the middle of the mountains, situated on a high plateau with a view of the Gastein Valley. Far away from everyday life, in a golden location, in a box seat, with us at DAS.GOLDBERG.

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