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Nature. In its element. High up in the mountains, where nature unfolds in all its glory. This is where our products come from. Rooted in tradition. And ancient wisdom. Herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John’s wort, propolis and pine set the tone. And inspire us to constantly develop new treatments – in harmony with body, mind and soul. Pure gold ensues. Our latest and most exclusive treatment. In the Nature Spa. Extracts of the golden algae stimulate the immune system. Tone the skin. Remove energy blockages, restore harmony to the nervous system. And increase vitality.
Golden moments. Golden enjoyment. For all the senses.

The connection from cosmetics, hightech, nature and aesthetics.

Unique Quality. A new generation of skin care. From southern Tyrol.


  • Noticeable instant effect
  • Hightech natural cosmetics
  • Wholistic treatment in a new dimension
  • Sustainable, respectful treatment of nature
  • Bio certified cosmetics

The Methode of TEAM DR. JOSEPH

The treatment starts tuned to the dephs of your tissue, tuned to the needs of your skin. It brings your skin metabolism into balance.


  • Calming effect on the nervous system
  • Relaxation of facial expressions
  • Harmony of the flow balance
  • Normalisation of the micro circulation with the goal of a wholistic skin feeling
  • Enhance the health, vitality and beauty of your skin.

!QMS stands for a combination of high quality fruit acids and natural collagen.
The highly efficient cosmetics has renowed reputation and archieves best results.


!QMS is able to stop and even reverse the aging processes of skin in short time:
It is able to remedy skin problems due to age and is useable in every day situations.

High up in the mountains, where nature unfolds in all its glory and plants reveal their special powers to man, this is also the home of Alpienne. The extraordinary quality of the natural products is based on the use of carefully controlled wild-growing raw ingredients: Herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John’s wort, propolis and pine from the most pristine alpine environment imaginable, where they are able to develop to their full effect. The emulsions and bases are created from high-quality olive oil, beeswax, wool wax, fresh spring water and – if needed for the texture and benefits – with the aid of mild alcohol from fruit distillates. The result is 100% naturally pure beauty and feel-good products, which achieve their effects and extended storage life without resorting to synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives or other additives.

A fountain of youth that regenerates and activates. With the aid of natural active ingredients & warm cotton bandages, experience the sensation of a better body and figure. The revitalizing soil contains natural minerals and trace elements.

The swiss company is dedicated to the care of beautiful hands and feet.
All products have a regenerative and caring function for your nails as well as hand and feet.
The products are developed under the highest quality criteria in Swizzerland.
All products are free from harming ingredients due to careful selected fomulas.

Piroche Pflegepeodukte im Wellnesshotel DAS.GODLBERG
!QMS Pflegepeodukte im Wellnesshotel DAS.GODLBERG
Alpienne Pflegepeodukte im Wellnesshotel DAS.GODLBERG
Ägyptos Vitalerde im Wellnesshotel DAS.GODLBERG