Selected care products


Nature. In her element. High up in the mountains, where nature unfolds its full splendor. This is the home of our products.
By tradition. And old knowledge. Herbs and plants such as arnica, St. John’s wort, propolis and Swiss stone pine set the pace.
And inspire us to constantly develop new applications – in harmony with body, mind and soul.
Pure gold follows. This is because the extracts obtained from the golden algae stimulate the immune system. Tightens the skin. Release energy blockages.
Harmonize the nervous system. And increase vitality.
Golden age. Is pleasure time. For all the senses.

The connection. From cosmetics. High-tech. Nature and aesthetics.
In unique quality. The new generation of skin care. From South Tyrol.

– Noticeable immediate effect
– High-tech natural cosmetics
– Holistic treatment in another dimension
– Sustainable, respectful treatment of nature
– Certified organic active cosmetics


Tailored to the skin’s needs, the treatment begins deep in the tissue. And balances the skin’s metabolism

  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Relaxation of facial expressions
  • Harmony of the flow equilibrium
  • Normalization of microcirculation with the aim of a holistic skin feeling
  • Maintain and preserve the skin’s health and incomparable beauty.

The selected active ingredients from the Dead Sea and the vital earth with natural minerals and trace elements have a regenerating, firming effect and act like a fountain of youth for the skin.
Extracts from the golden algae reduce stress during a wrap in a warm waterbed, release blockages and allow energy to flow again.
For a new feeling of body and well-being.

The Swiss brand is dedicated to the care and beauty of feet and hands.
All products have a regenerating, nourishing and beautifying function for nails, hands and feet.
The products are developed and produced in Switzerland to the strictest quality standards.
Thanks to the continuous development of functional and gentle formulas, the products are free from harmful ingredients.

Piroche care products at the wellness hotel DAS.GODLBERG
Ägyptos vital earth in the wellness hotel DAS.GODLBERG
Alpienne care products at the wellness hotel DAS.GODLBERG
Mavala products at the wellness hotel DAS.GOLDBERG