Ideal starting point for your hike

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The hiking hotel DAS.GOLDBERG is the perfect starting point for your hiking vacation in Austria. There are hiking tours for all tastes and levels of difficulty for young and old in the Gastein mountains. Step by step, 350 km of varied hiking tours lead you further into the fascinating nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Lush meadows, clear, refreshing mountain streams, impressive mountain panoramas and your hiking hotel DAS.GOLDBERG is right in the middle of the hiking paradise, so you can set off on your chosen route directly from the hotel.

Austria is not only ideal for hiking in summer, but offers numerous attractions all year round that will make your hiking heart beat faster, because there are no limits to hiking here.

The location of the hiking hotel DAS.GOLDBERG is the ideal starting point for your Alpine excursions. As soon as the ski lifts go into their summer break, the mountain pastures belong to the hikers again. Incidentally, there are over 55 mountain huts around your DAS.GOLDBERG hotel, offering Salzburg delicacies such as traditional cheese dumplings or a hearty Brettljaus’n to satisfy the hunger of hard-working hikers. Whether it’s the Baldaufhütte, the Bellevue Alm, the Biberalm, the Böckfeldalm or the Brandner Hochalm, you’ll have to find out for yourself which is your personal favorite resting place, but they all have one thing in common: comfort, refreshment and sustenance are guaranteed!